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Tair Nazkhanov Managing Partner


Almaty City Bar Association. Forum of Attorneys. Attorneys Union.

Education and experience:

  • 1989

    Graduated from school №16 in Almaty.

  • 1989-1994

    Faculty of Philology (major - Russian linguistics) at the Kazakh State University

  • 1991-1997

    Faculty of Law at the Kazakh State University

  • 1995-1998

    Started as an investigator of the district department and left as an investigator for highly important cases of the central office of at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan

  • 1998-1999

    Lawyer at "Alautransgaz" JSC.

  • 1999

    Almaty City Bar Association.

  • 2007

    Created the public forum of lawyers.

  • 2008

    Founded Nazkhanov and Partners Firm of Attorneys.

  • 2012

    Blackstone Institute (Pennsylvania, USA), Civil Litigation, Certificate.

  • 2013

    The State Department, Training on Techniques to Combat Organized Crime (Washington, Nevada, New York, Atlanta, USA), Certificate.

  • 2013 -2014

    London University, QueenMary, LLM, Postgraduate Certificate in Law.

  • 2014

    International Chamber of Commerce (Paris, France), Arbitration certificate.

  • 2014

    BirkbeckCollege (London, UK), English common law, certificate.

Specialization :

  • protection of interests and consultation of entrepreneurs, top-managers and accountants at the criminal investigations.
  • Representing companies at litigations.

Tair Nazkhanov during last five years handled the following criminal and civil matters:

  • Dismissing the administrative case in respect of Mr. F - the Director of Manufacturing company, who allegedly evaded paying taxes. The defense presented to the trial bookkeeping documents which refuted the arguments of the tax administration.
  • Representing the interests of a chain of money exchange bureaus at the preliminary investigation on the series of murders of bill collectors in Almaty.
  • Dismissing criminal prosecution in respect of Mr. M., assistant to president of one of the banks. The defendant was accused of committing theft. The defense tactics allowed to remove the defendant off of the wanted list, to change the pre-trial restrictions from arrest to release on bail and subsequently dismissing prosecution due to lack of evidence.
  • Dismissal by the court of the suit against client – construction company filed by the dwellers of the neighboring houses. The claimants filed a suit claiming that the construction company had built multi story building without necessary permits. The defense attorney presented convincing evidence proving the legitimacy of the construction and court dismissed the claim.
  • Protected the interests of the subsoil user at litigation initiated by the former land owner claiming that sale purchase agreement is invalid.  We presented sufficient and relevant evidence proving that validity of the sale purchase agreement and respectively the suit was dismissed by the court. 
  • The client’s retail store had been illegally demolished. The action was approved by the Akimat of the Bostandyk district. The defense had provided all of the appropriate registered documents of title to such property. Following this the court recognized such demolition as well as illegal.
  • The client - Mr. D. was denied in obtaining his passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan with no sufficient grounds. At the hearing the defense presented the Court evidence that the client did not lose citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Court recognized illegal the actions of officials of the justice department and migration police.
  • Client Mrs. A., had filed a lawsuit against a Turkish airline. She claimed that she and her family of four flew to Nairobi for New Year vacation on the jet of such airline.  Fourteen days later on the way back the family was denied boarding the plane, due to the failure of the airline to include the data of the return trip in the system when client bought the air tickets.  At the court hearing the attorney presented evidence of airline not bona-fide behavior. 
  • Succeeded in dismissal by the court of the criminal charge against the management of an international uranium company which was suspected of evasion of customs duties and fees. The attorney elaborated the defense tactics proved suspicion of crime to be unjustified.
  • Protected the interests of the client –a South Korean construction company at the court.  After receiving the payment for the land plot purchased by such company the previous owner of the land claimed the sale purchase agreement is invalid.  As a result of well thought position of the attorney the claim was denied.
  • Represented the interest of client Ms. D., a CFO of a railway corporation. The defendant was accused of embezzling 2.5 billion tenge, tax evasion, and false entrepreneurship.   She was escorted from Moscow to Almaty, where she was incarcerated for one and half year. The trial at the Court of First Instance lasted for about six months.  The defense presented the court with ten volumes of material and as a result criminal charges based on chapters 176, 177, 192.235 of the Criminal Code were dismissed, and according to chapter 222 of the Criminal Code, the сriminal defendant was amnestied.
  • The attorney succeeded in dismissal of the criminal charge against client Mr. A., a customs inspector, who was accused of abuse of authority. In six months the arrest of the defendant was changed to release on bail, and later the charges were dropped, as a result of an active defense position.
  • The judicial supervisory instance court discharged the criminal prosecution of client Mr. G., a Vice-President of a construction company accused of causing property damage through deceit. The arguments of the allegedly wronged person were refuted by the factual evidence presented by the defense.



Tair Nazkhanov is an active supporter of introducing to Kazakhstan attorneys’ practice rendering pro-bono legal aid.   Within such framework the attorneys of our firm rendered more than 10 000 online legal consultations from 2008 to 2012 on the special purpose website.

5000 copies of the book "Legal Consultations" («Юридические консультации») were printed and freely distributed to the libraries and public.  Written and paid for by Tair Nazkhanov.

Tair Nazkhanov sponsors publication of the monthly online magazine “Tax Alert” in Russian and English, which is distributed among domestic and foreign companies.  Tax Research Center of Central Asia (the “Center”) was established on the basis of KIMEP University. The Center educates tax law to the talented students, as well as s engaged in the study and development of law enforcement in such field and in organization of lectures and seminars by leading Western lawyers in the field of taxation.

He also initiated establishment of the Legal Clinic at KIMEP University in 2011 and is a member of its Board of Trustees.  KIMEP students now have the opportunity to consult pro-bono the low-income individuals.

Tair is also a member of the Council of Employers at KazNU, future lawyers and attorney may have internships at the firm, where they learn basics of the legal profession of attorneys.  In 2014 he was awarded with the Medal of Honor "80 years of Kazakh National University".

Tair regularly conducts classes at the Center of Internship at Almaty City Bar Association.

During the years of 2009-2010 he provided free online advice at "Karapuz" internet forum.

Mr. Nazkhanov organized at no charge or took part at dozens of conferences, seminars and public lectures.

He is the author of dozens of articles on law enforcement practice in the magazines and newspapers, participates on a regular basis in television and radio programs on the issues of law enforcement practice.  He is also author of the blogs at Youvision and Forbes Magazine websites.

He took part in drafting of the Law "On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Issues of Access to Information", "On State-Guaranteed Legal Aid" and the Administrative Code.  Tair was also elected as a member of the Committee of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan in 2013.

He is a fluent English-speaker and was included on the official list of English-speaking lawyers practicing in the country by the British Embassy in Kazakhstan.  Mr. Nazkhanov cooperates with the leading UK law firms (firms of barristers) and provide explanations to the English colleagues with regard to Kazakh laws, as well as works on joint projects on specific criminal and civil cases.

He is known for his constant work on improving his education. For instance, in 2012 he successfully accomplished the course of civil proceedings in the Blackstone institute (Pennsylvania, USA).

Upon invitation of the US State Department in 2013 Tair successfully passed the month-long course on combatting organized crime and human trafficking(Washington, Nevada, New York, Atlanta).

In 2014 he completed the course on English common law at the Birkbeck College (London, UK).

In 2013 he enrolled to courses on International Trade Law at the London University and is currently distance learning for his Master’s degree.

In 2014 he enrolled the Arbitrage Course at the International Chamber of Commerce and is currently in the process of obtaining the certificate.

He is also an arbiter at IUS International Arbitration Court, as well as Kazakhstan International Arbitration.

Tair Nazkhanov is married, has three children.

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