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Natalya russakovaAttorney


Almaty City Bar Association. Forum of Attorneys. Attorneys Union.

Education and experience:

  • 1983

    Graduated from the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the Karaganda National University

  • 1983-1989

    Attorney at the Karaganda Regional Bar Association

  • 1989

    Was elected as a judge of Auezov district of Almaty and specialized in civil and criminal cases.

  • 1996

    Was appointed as a judge of Bostandyk District Court of Almaty by official Decree of the President. She specialized there in civil cases.

  • 2005

    was awarded by the Union of Judges of Kazakhstan with the honorary title of "Best judge of Almaty."

  • 2010 г.

    Retired as a judge

  • 2011-2013 гг.

    Consultant at the Nazkhanov & Partners

  • 2014 г.

    Member of the Almaty City Bar Association. Attorney at Nazkhanov&Partners

While being a judge she was elected by the Congress of Judges of Kazakhstan as a member of the Supreme Council of the Union of Judges of Kazakhstan.   She was one of the drafters of the Law "On Judicial Ethics".

Participated in the work of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of Normative Resolution of the Supreme Court of the RK "On the Practice of Application of the Law on the Privatization by the Citizens of Living Premises."

Natalya Rusakova A. specializes in rendering legal assistance on civil cases of various categories, including economic, tax, corporate, marriage and family, labor and inheritance disputes.

She also acts as a defense attorney on economic crime proceedings, corporate crime according to crime proceedings, proceedings for crimes of corruption and other criminal offenses against the interests of state service and state administration.

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